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Welcome to hateeternal.com.  This is the website for the metal band Hate Eternal. As you can tell from the name of our band, we are all about death metal.  Now, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about death metal.  A lot of this is, of course, willful because you know, if you are making a name for yourself, it really helps if the other people around you will hate you because that is free publicity.

Now, a lot of people think that this is crazy.  Usually, people define publicity as positive publicity – you write about stuff like people like people writing great reviews, a lot of people going to your shows, and people talking to the press and saying you are the best thing since sliced bread, that kind of thing.



But you have to understand that in today’s modern world, with social media and fragmented mainstream media attention, the old tricks no longer work.  In fact, people couldn’t care less.  So what if somebody said that the band is great?  People do that all the time.  There are tons of bands.  So what?  Who cares?

This is where negative attention really comes in.  It is kind of like a bad piece of clickbait that you see on Facebook that appeals to your worst emotions or your worst prejudices.  There is something to be said about such negative connotations.  Whether we are talking about cannibalism, ritual murder, and other taboo musical topics, these are the kinds of things that get a lot of people’s blood boiling.

This is where people start talking.  People start saying, “This is just shocking.”, “This is unacceptable.  I don’t want my kids listening to this kind of crap.”, so on and so forth.  There is always that route, and if you think about it, it is really not that uncharted.  This is not the least traveled road by any stretch of the imagination.  If you look at the careers of The Beatles, and even Elvis, there has always been a certain strain of global musical press that had a boner for things that did not fit the existing narrative.

Elvis Presley copied a lot of black music.  He was the white face of black music.  Of course, a lot of black people considered that racist, and to a certain degree, it was because black people had to deal with the discrimination.  They had to deal with all sorts of Jim Crow, Southern State anti-black laws, and cultural practices.

They paid the price with their blood and their freedom.  Many people were thrown in jail for flimsy reasons and there was a lot of music produced because of that.  The blues was born out of that struggle, and to a certain extent, rock and roll. Now, this white guy comes along with some black moves, legitimizes black music, and cashes in on it.

And the black talents who put in all those years and put in all the foundational work were forgotten.  That was the truth behind Elvis Presley, and even though people knew that he was playing a game on America, that it was basically conning America by putting a white face to an essentially black rural music, he still caught a lot of flack precisely because of the black element.

So he got it from both ends and it never really progressed much from there.  When Madonna came out, a lot of people were very critical of her.  With Led Zepellin, all sorts of theories were made about them regarding their Satanic origin, so on and so forth. There is always this resistance to new music.  There’s always this ready association with the taboo.


This is the stuff that gets eyeballs because if you are a new band and you are just going to try to get as much great press as you can, and your image is nice, clean, and autogenic, you’re not going to go far except if you go through the Lady Gaga or Justine Timberlake channels.  Meaning, you go with the corporate image-building channel.

Have you ever noticed that Lady Gaga’s career fell off when she lost her stylist right before that pop art fiasco of an album?  That was not an accident.  A lot of people are saying that she’s just a big act.  She was just a meme.  Basically, she was a clever fable put together by consultants.

 There’s a lot of truth to that because when you look at her career when that guy took off, her career sank like a rock.  There is something to think about it, people hate that stuff.  People hate being manipulated.  People hate the pre-configured media images imposed on them.

So there is this natural tendency to embrace the dark side if you will, and Hatemetal emerged from this.  That’s really the bottom line.  The death metal rose like a phoenix because of this.  Now, it’s a question of how hardcore are you?  You can tell people “Yeah, I love Led Zepellin.”, and they say, “That’s the past.  How hardcore are you now?”

So now, it is already a race to the most extreme, yet virtuosity-driven sub-genre of metal.  That’s where we are currently.  It really is a fascinating musical genre to analyze, slice-and-dice, and otherwise put on some sort of historical musical analysis chart.  It defies easy classification precisely because it moves so fast depending on which scene you are trying to analyze.

Make no mistake about it, the death metal scene in Scandinavia seems to be the global standard, but when you go to places like Boston, San Francisco, and Tijuana Mexico, there are local variations of the scene that defy convention.  So in a way, death metal is a victim of its own success.  It knows how to get eyeballs.  It knows how to get attention, but it also suffers from internal contradiction. It cannot stay in one place so as to become formalized or reduced to a formula.

Now, a lot of people think that is a great thing.  I agree to a certain extent, but if you are always mutating, then you’re pretty much all over the place.  You can pretty much look at something as almost completely not death metal and say, “I really cannot dismiss that as outside of the genre because maybe the scene in that place mutated in that direction.”

You see how this works?  It has basically reached some sort of logical impasse where it is defining itself out of existence.  It is the victim of its own success.  It’s Paradoxical right?  Considering the fact that there is a tremendous amount of mainstream hate for this scene.  It’s not like all these seeming outcasts are basically just vanishing and excommunicating each other, so to speak, from the music scene.


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