Interestingly enough, when you do a survey of any kind of consumer product, you see a very narrow bell curve. You’ve seen a bell curve before, right? It’s a statistical graph that looks like a bell and the middle is this high concentration and on both of its sides is a narrow and steep drop so it looks like a bell with a high top.

Believe it or not, this distribution in statistics applies across the board. Whether we’re talking about sexual preference, sexual practices, religion, taste in food, occupational issues, preferences in jobs, educational issues, educational background, so on and so forth. The truth is most people fall in the average and this is the middle of that statistical distribution.

The interesting thing is a lot of people like to believe that they are not in the middle. This is the big dilemma or paradox of Western European or American culture. As much as we live in a very consumer centered society where essentially, people are just numbers that form this massive, anonymous background demographic to be sold to and to be marketed, we would like to think that we are unique.

Interestingly enough, a lot of marketing keeps that in mind. This is why it’s very hard to find marketing in Western Europe or in America that says to people, “You are just like everybody else.” or “You don’t really count.” or “You’re just a part of a long line of people that are easily forgotten and you’re just another face in the background.” You rarely hear that.

In fact, the focus is precisely the opposite. It’s 180 degrees different. The focus is you’re different, one of a kind, special, and on and on it goes. But deep down inside when you look at the actual results and actual products being bought and sold, everybody falls into the middle.

I need you to keep this in mind because this paradox says a lot about people’s lifestyles. It says a lot about how they define their individuality. It also says a lot about how much power they take and assume over their choices.

Too many people believe that they just need to go along to get along. Too many people believe that if their friend likes something, that’s good enough for them. Other people believe that they’re under some sort of obligation to follow patterns set by their relatives.

Keep this in mind because we may be talking about vaping flavors or some other type of products, but it really boils down to your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is a reflection of your mindset. Your lifestyle, whether you like it or not, reflects your personal core values.  Some people like cheap vape juices, some people like nice smooth premium vape juice flavors, but some brands meet both criteria and you can find such premium vape juice online.

Are you really the type of person who marches to the beat of his or her own personal drummer? Or are you a person who thinks he or she is an individual but actually is just like everybody else. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being like everybody else. What’s wrong or unfortunate is when you’re not aware that you are just like everybody else and you’re hanging onto this disconnect between thinking that you are an individual and the fact that your choices prove that you’re just like everybody else.

Take a look at the vaping flavors that you normally buy. They can say volumes about this disconnect. They can say quite a bit about what truly is important to you. Maybe by investigating or experimenting with other vaping flavors, you can come up with something that would be more faithful or more consistent with who you imagine or think yourself to be.